Teaching Kids

To Build What They Love


Where We Came From and What We Do

Tinker Builder Gamer Pi is a non-profit organization focused on providing fun and educational private workshops, and after-school programming for kids. Our main goal is to help them enhance their digital skills and give them marketable tools for their future. When we were kids, we loved video games, and we still do! So we figured, what better way to introduce kids to the world of computer science than through gaming?! We use a variety of programs and coding languages to help kids develop their own games, make animations, and more!
If you're a parent, teacher, daycare worker, or anyone else who would like their students or kids to learn more about coding, send us a message!

Fun For Kids, Easy For Parents!

Interested in having a workshop? Drop us an email at info@tinkerbuildergamerpi.com and we'll set something up!



Meghan was introduced to video games by her cousins at a young age. The three kids would huddle around the Nintendo 64 playing games like Mario Party, Donkey Kong, and Kirby while the adults were upstairs, most likely doing something boring! As she got older, Meghanโ€™s affinity for video games grew, and she wanted to figure out how games were made. She started learning how to code, and that set her on the path to making her own games! Her favourite part of building a game is coming up with distinctive characters to live inside of the unique worlds she creates! When she is not working on a new game, Meghan continues to play as Princess Peach in Mario Party (her favourite character in her favourite game)!


Joe remembers the day, as a 4 year old, his mother took him to Consumers Distributing to get his brother's birthday gift: a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. He didn't know what it was then, but it eventually sparked a love for gaming that has stayed with him for 30+ years. Even though his favourite games are from his childhood, he's excited about what the future holds for Video Games. When he's not coding and teaching workshops with Tinker Builder Gamer Pi, he mentors at HackerYou and is an instructor with Canada Learning Code


Bryna works as an executive at a National Charity, but her love of gaming and programming goes back decades. Getting an NES as a gift as a young girl sparked her fire for gaming. Her current obsession is playing Dr. Mario on the RetroStation she created on her Raspberry Pi!


Trudy is a passionate back-end developer. She is an active member of the development community. When she's not busy learning, she enjoys teaching others as a lead mentor at Hacker You and instructor with Ladies Learning Code. Trudy has also set out to share her passion for Ruby on Rails as one of the organizers of Rails Girls Toronto.